Comfy Mate Stainless Steel Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools 5 Piece


? All-in-one set including double-side saw, small saw, cambered etching tool, poker drill, scoops

? Heavy duty stainless steel and solid ABS handle material for use year after year

? A free E-book manual and online stencil resources provide you with reference and creative design

? A fun job for the whole family with this pumpkin toolset. No blade, safer than a kitchen knife

? 100% money back guarantee




Comfy Mate Stainless Steel Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools 5 Piece

Is an indispensable helper for all ages to make the cool pumpkin for Halloween every year.

Features of the Tools:

? Pumpkin Scooper: Scrape the inside of the pumpkin, quickly cleans out seeds and strings from the pumpkin.

? Double-side Saw: Cut out the lid of your pumpkin and carve simple designs. Double-side saw serrated edge design make it more flexible.

? Small Saw: Cut more precise and intricate design. Create peeling the ring and for shaping details.

? Cambered Etching Tool: Curved, squared head is perfect for scoring the skin. Create designs as simple names, numbers, eyebrows with ease. Look like a pro by using the etching tool for any fine 3-D details and designs.

? Pumpkin Drill: For pattern transfer and fine details.

Package Includes:

1 X Pumpkin Scooper

1 X Double-side Saw

1 X Small Saw

1 X Cambered Etching Tool

1 X Pumpkin Drill


Adult supervision is required when tools are in use. Not recommended for children under 9.

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